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When is the best time of day to ask for a pay raise?

5 p.m. The end of the work day is often a time when your boss is not rushed and has time to listen. Many supervisors say late afternoon is when they’re in the best mood because they know they’re going home soon. What’s more, your elevated body temperature in the late afternoon usually makes you more alert at that time and perhaps in a better position to make your case. If you work in a newspaper newsroom, a fast-food restaurant or in another place that’s hectic during the late afternoon, avoid that time. Instead, monitor your boss’s daily habits to determine the best, most low-key time for him or her.

Which is the best month to look for a job?

December. Surprised? While it’s true that some companies postpone hiring toward the end of the year to pad their bottom lines before the year ends, many more want to spend their current-year personnel budgets so they won’t have to fight so hard to justify asking for the same amount in the future. Also, hiring managers are well aware of their coming-year budgets and want to get a head start on hiring for jobs that start in January. The fact that so many job seekers assume hiring slows to a crawl after Thanksgiving means there is less competition for jobs being filled at the end of the year. The next best month? September. Workers  sometimes spend summer vacation time interviewing for other jobs, creating openings in the late summer that companies end up filling in early fall.

When is the best time and day to find a sympathetic insurance claims adjuster?

4 p.m. Friday. Claims adjusters almost unanimously say they are in a good mood right before the weekend starts. At this time they’re more likely to allow, say, someone with a rental car to keep it a few more days. Many adjusters say they’ve given people breaks late Friday afternoon that they never would have given them on a Monday morning, a Wednesday afternoon or any other time of the week.


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