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When is the best time of the day to buy shoes?

Late afternoon.  That’s when your feet have swelled and are at their largest size. Buying shoes in the late afternoon means they’ll fit just fine in the morning when your feet are at their smallest. But more importantly, it means they’ll fit after a full day of being on your feet when you need them to be most comfortable.

When is the best time of the day to take your car in for an oil change?

Shortly before closing time.  This is especially true of those national chain oil-change businesses, which may lure you in with a good price and then pressure you into having additional repairs done. This is called “upselling,” and it can be very annoying. If you arrive at the business early in the day, the technicians and mechanics have more time to look over your vehicle and suggest repairs. If you just want your oil changed, get there in the late afternoon, when the mechanics often are tired and not interested in generating more work for themselves at a time of day when they just want to call it quits.

When is the best time of the month to shop at a thrift store?

Right after the dry cleaners and clothing stores make their donations. Many thrift stores receive monthly donations from local businesses, especially dry cleaners, which give away clothes to thrift stores that customers fail to pick up. At many dry cleaners, space is of critical importance, so they give away abandoned clothes once or twice a month. Get chummy with the workers at your neighborhood thrift store and ask them when they typically receive these donations, which are brand new if they’re coming from stores or are freshly laundered or dry cleaned if they’re from dry cleaners.


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